Georges Valmier

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Artist George Valmier


Georges Valmier’s work spans may of the great movements in the modern history, starting with Impressionism, then Cubism which he discovered when he was around 25 years old, and  Abstractionism by 1921.  He was born in 1885 and was raised in an environment that was supportive of the arts, including music and painting.

He is considered was a pioneer of the Cubist Movement.  He studied art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts from 1905 to 1909.  Around 1911, he was  experimenting with Cubist designs for futuristic decorations  created for Marinetti’s theater.  Georges Valmier exhibited his works in Paris at the Salon des Indépendants.  In 1932 he joined the Abstraction-Creation group along with fellow artists along with Jean Arp and Albert Gleizes.  Georges Valmier became fascinated with religion and metaphysics. It is believed these many have influenced some of the nuances in color and forms of his work.