Felix Vallotton

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Felix Vallotton

Effet de brume, Honfleur

Felix Vallotton was a Franco-Swiss painter of portraits, nudes, interiors and landscapes, wood-engraver, lithographer, sculptor and writer. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, he went to Paris in 1882 and studied at the Académie Julian* under Jules Lefebvre.

He repaired and copied Old Master* paintings, especially admiring Hans Holbein, Gaspard Poussin and Jean-Auguste Ingres. From 1891 to 1897, he concentrated mainly on wood-engraving, primarily portraits and scenes from everyday life treated with sardonic humour. Felix Vallotton also made illustrations for the Revue Blanche, Cris de Paris, etc. and for various books, including Jules Renard’s La Maitresse 1896 and Remy de Gourmont’s Le Livre des Masques 1896.

He had friendship with Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard, Roussel and exhibited several times with the Nabis* group. He married Gabrielle Rodrigues-Henriques of the Bernheim family of art dealers in 1899, and took French nationality in 1900.

His first one-man exhibition was with Vuillard at the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, Paris, 1903. He worked much at Honfleur and from 1920 in the South of France, especially at Cagnes. Felix Vallotton died in Paris. His novel La Vie Meurtrière was published posthumously.