Emile Munier

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Emile MunierFrench (1840-1895)

Emile Munier is best known for his illustrations of childhood innocence. Born in Paris in 1840, he lived there with his family hoping to become an upholsterer like his father. It turned out however that Emile and his two brothers had a knack for art all three spent time studying at Gobelins. While there, he was to become close to his professor, Abel Lucas, and he later married Abels daughter Henrietta. She was to die after giving birth to their first son in 1867.

This saw a turn in Muniers life who all this time had been an upholsterer. He started painting and devoted all his time between his son and his art. He started teaching adults who wanted to learn how to paint 3 times a week, and slowly his fame started to bud.

In 1872, he married one of his students Sargine Augrand and they continued to live in Paris. In 1885, Emile Munier did several paintings which he exhibited at the Paris Salon. One of them was the Trois Amis which was of a girl sitting on a bed and playing with kittens. It was the beginning of his success. This painting was copied and illustrated numerous times and eventually, Pears Soap bought the rights to use it in their advertising. He went on to do more illustrations for them while he continued to paint and sell his works.

His fame as a painter of children with their pets crossed to America and his paintings were acquired by famous collectors like Chapman H. Hyams. Emile Munier also received commissions for portraits of the rich and famous at this time.

Another of his famous works is the L’esprit de la chute d’eau, a nude nymph that drew much attention. Munier died in 1895. His works are still highly regarded and sought after in the art world.