Carlos Nadal

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Carlos NadalSpanish (1917-1998)

Carlos Nadal was born in Paris in 1917, but in 1921 his family moved to Barcelona.  His father was a commercial artist and exposed his son to art and artist such as Henri Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Maurice Utrillo.  His art training came from both his father and by attending art school.  He would continue his art education throughout his life.

Nadal was heavily influenced by Matisse and George Braque.  His work is of the Fauvist style and incorporates wild colors, bold lines and unusual perspectives.  He got his first solo exhibition at La Pinacoteca in Barcelona in 1942.  He also lived in Montparnasse in Paris that was buzzing with artist in the day.

His early work captured scenes in Spain or Belgium. Once Carlos Nadal became established, he traveled and expanded his subjects to interiors as well as leisure scenes of coastal towns. By the 1960s, Nadal’s paintings were in great demand and exhibited throughout Europe.  While abstraction soon became the fashion in art, Carlos Nadal never left his Fauvist roots. Today his works are still highly prized by collectors and museums around the world.

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