Blanche Monet

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Blanche Monet

Poplars au bord de ‘Epte a Giverney

French (1865-1947)

Blanche Hoschede Monet, Claude Monet’s stepdaughter and daughter-inlaw, was born in Paris in 1865. She moved with her family in Giverny in 1883.  There she met and began painting with Claude Monet.  She studied at Monet’s school and would end up painting alongside Claude for 45 years.  By age 17, she had become close with Claude Monet and became his assistant. She often painted outdoors with him and they painted many of the same subject.  She was also exposed to many influential American artist who came to study at Giverny including John Leslie Breck and Theodore Earl Butler.

Blanche Hoschede Monet is best known for landscapes scenes such as Pines, Poplars, and meadows along the Risle’s river and of course gardens. She followed Claude’s technique of painting in its purest form of impressionism.  Some experts have difficulty distinguishing her work from Claude’s. It is possible the two artists worked on paintings together.  Blanche Monet died at Giverny in 1947.  She was 82 years old.