André Brasilier


André Brasilier was born in France in 1929 into an artistic family.  Both his parents were painters.  He began formal training at the age of 20 at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

Brasilier is known for his abstract and often surreal landscapes that incorporate simple backgrounds.  Music, horses, nature and women are favorite subjects.  As he explained in an interview:

artist André BRASILIER“For me, we measure the importance of a painter by his or her abilities at portraying this human form. Look at what point the human “figure” has allowed painters like Picasso, de Stael, or Bacon to go beyond their contemporaries. I love, above all, life, and in all of its forms. Music is one of these forms that I especially appreciate. My first exhibition in 1959 was entitled “Autour de la musique” (“About Music”). Since then, I’ve always liked to work with this theme. All is beautiful in music, the discipline of the orchestra, the harmony of a quartet…. As for nature, I’ve always liked landscapes, pastoral scenes.  I remember my first impressions of rural scenes, like oxen pulling a plow… As for the horse, I really like this animal, as much for its beauty, as for the harmony that it has with nature. In nature, the horse gives a sense of scale.  It provides interesting proportions with the sea and the sky, for example. I love life, and horses, with their forms and their ardour, delight and intrigue me.”

Andre Brasilier’s style is to simplify a composition to it’s most basic elements.  Before beginning to paint, he sees the composition in his mind.  He has a way of giving a mysterious quality to his subjects in the finished work, which intrigues the viewer.  His career as an artist has been filled with awards and accolades.  André Brasilier has had numerous retrospectives around the world and is highly sought after by collectors across Europe, Japan and the United States.

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