Anders Zorn

Ackermans Fine Art

Anders ZornAnders Zorn is one of Sweden’s’ internationally best known artists. His fame abroad is founded mostly on his portraiture where he had the ability to capture the character and the personality of the depicted person. But also his graphic work, where he is among the most talented of all times, is well-known. In Sweden his nude studies are very famous, as are his genre pictures which mostly depict working people.

At the Student exhibition in 1880, Anders Zorn showed the water colour In mourning (National museum, Stockholm), which propelled him into the art world.  Several members of Stockholm society now turned to Zorn with commissions. His portraits of children were much appreciated and it was in connection with such a commission that Zorn met his future wife, Emma Zorn, in the beginning of 1881. It was primarily his skill as a portrait painter that gained Anders Zorn international acclaim. His incisive ability to depict the individual character of his model is, for example, apparent in portraits of prominent cultural personalities.