Alfred Sisley

Ackermans Fine Art

Alfred SisleyAlfred Sisley was born in Paris in 1839, the son of a well off British dealer established in Paris.  His father sent him to London, where he worked in the family business from 1857 to 1861, but Sisley intends to be a painter rather than a dealer.  In spite of his father’s wishes he entered the School of Fine Arts of Paris in 1862, and also the workshop of Charles Gleyre, where he became friendly with Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet and Frederic Bazille.

After the 1863 exhibition at the Salon des Refusés where Monet’s paintings and those works similar to Monet’s received the description of Impressionists from a critic, Sisley left Paris with Monet, and they lived in the suburbs and painted together. By 1870, his painting style incorporated the short brushstrokes of Impressionism, but were different from Monet’s by depicting realistic images rather than in Monet’s images diffused into light and atmospherics. Alfred Sisley painted cloud-filled skies, water, snowscenes and foliage changing colors with the season

Throughout his painting career, Alfred Sisley was principally a landscape painter, notable, during a time while others Impressionists were concerning themselves with the human figure.  Sisley did not concern himself with theory. Alfred Sisley spent the last years of his life in simplicity and died in 1899.