Alfons Walde

Ackermans Fine Art

Alfons WaldeA painter of Expressionist Tyrolian winter alpine scenes, Alfons Walde was born in Tyrol in 1891.  He began painting as child in watercolor and tempera.  He first studied art at the Technische Hochshule in Vienna.  He soon met fellow artists  Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt as part of the Vienna Secession, an avant-garde movement. This influenced Walde’s early paintings.

Beginning in 1911 with his first exhibition and continuing to show regularly after World War I, Alfons Walde was building a solid reputation as an artist.  He also worked as a graphic artist and produced many wonderful posters.  Walde also founded a printing company. By the late 1920s, his style was finely honed.  He is well known for his winter ski and sports subjects of his homeland.   Alfons Walde died in 1958 of heart failure.