Musical Painting: Jean Dufy

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Artist Jean Dufy

Like his older brother the textile maker Raoul, Jean Dufy (1888-1964) broke the conventional bonds of putting paint solely on canvas, expanding his artistic career through alternate means of expression. His introduction into the art world began much the same as his sibling’s did, gaining exposure to great works once he turned 18: at the exposition in Le Havre – … Read More

Let them Eat Cheesecake: Pin-up Artist Gil Elvgren

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Pin up Artist Gil Elvgren

Since the prehistoric era, men have been creating tantalizing reproductions of the female form in artwork. In the Stone Age, sculptures of voluptuous women abound, and the ancient Roman city of Pompeii is infamous for hosting highly eroticized frescoes throughout its buildings and structures. Renaissance Europe gave birth to images like Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, a pictorial rendition of … Read More