Ackerman's Fine Art Gallery

Ackerman’s Fine Art is a gateway for collectors to the world of investment quality 19th & 20th Century art. We purchase, sell, and act as advisor and agent for clients. Our mission is to deliver concierge art services with the highest level of privacy, transparency and integrity. We give personal attention to each and every client no matter what their needs, and take extra care in ensuring they make well-informed and financially sound art transactions. Ackerman’s also assists clients in securing loans against their fine art holdings.

Ackerman’s Fine Art is committed to acting with integrity and discretion at all times, and approaches every client relationship with a fiduciary responsibility. In keeping with this responsibility, Ackerman’s will:

  • Always put the interests of our clients first
  • Always act in good faith
  • Never mislead
  • Always disclose any potential conflicts of interest
  • Never receive referral fees, commissions, or third party payments without full disclosure
  • Always maintain objectivity
  • Respect the privacy of every client


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