Ackerman’s Fine Art (AFA) specializes in investment-quality fine art from the 19th century to the present. We specialize in works by artists across a broad spectrum of genres from Impressionism to Modernism, as well as Postwar, American and Contemporary. AFA provides clients with access to works by most major figures of Modern Art, from both their own inventory, and through an extensive network of art professionals, galleries and private collectors and institutions.

AFA is passionate about helping clients build and refine their collections by offering personalized advisory and collection management services. As a concierge gallery, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service and the highest level of expertise, and value in the art world. We proudly guarantee the authenticity of every work of art we sell.

Ackerman’s actively purchases and consigns works, and we help both new and seasoned collectors manage all facets of their collections. We also act as agent for clients at public auction and in private transactions, assisting them with negotiations, placement, legal documentation and all other aspects involved in selling and procuring works of art.  As a service to our clients, we retain Certificates (and letters) of Authenticity for most 19th & 20th Century artists. 

Regardless of our role, we act with integrity and discretion at all times, and approach every client relationship with a fiduciary responsibility (in a position of trust and confidence). In keeping with this responsibility, Ackerman’s will:

  • Always put the interests of our clients first
  • Always act in good faith
  • Never mislead
  • Always disclose any potential conflicts of interest
  • Never receive referral fees, commissions, or third party payments without full disclosure
  • Always maintain objectivity
  • Respect every client and their privacy.

Located in Westchester County, just thirty minutes north of New York City, we serve clients throughout the United States and around the world. The philosophy of the concierge gallery is centered around the needs of the buyer and the seller. By taking the role of an advocate for our clients, we strive to deliver the highest quality service and guidance, and offer exceptional fine art without overblown premiums and fees. 

Kenny AckermanAfter 20 years as a successful Wall Street trader, Kenny Ackerman walked away, seeking another endeavor he could pursue with a true passion. He found it during a visit with his family to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2003. Inspired by the paintings in the Impressionist and American Galleries, Kenny began studying, then collecting works of fine art. As a result, he has developed expertise in Impressionist, Modern, Postwar, and American Art. Our goal at Ackerman’s Fine Art is to assist collectors and private institutions in creating, managing, and refining their art collections. “Not a day goes by that I’m not adding to my knowledge of 19th and 20th Century paintings. Bringing outstanding works of art into the lives of my clients is an incredible feeling. I do not look at it as work – it is my passion.”