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Ackerman’s Fine Art is a Concierge Gallery specializing in paintings by world-renowned American & European artists across a multitude of genres.

Sell Your Art

Selling or consigning your art to Ackerman’s Fine Art is streamlined, straightforward, and focused on maximum value and service…

Honesty and Compassion at a Difficult Time

“Selling a piece of art from my late sister’s estate was a painful prospect until I spoke with Kenny Ackerman…
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Happy to Buy Again Soon

“We’ve just received the Camoin and we really like it, thank you!  This is our first business together, and we
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New To The Gallery

Ackerman’s Fine Art is a Concierge Gallery of paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, featuring American, Impressionist & Modern, Post-War and Contemporary fine art.  The gallery is by design, the premier marketplace for buyers and sellers, with particular attention paid the quality of the works offered.  Founded by former Wall Street executive, Kenny Ackerman, the gallery showcases unparalleled service with unprecedented transparency in the fine art marketplace.  Whether seeking to buy a work for your personal collection or inquiring about selling or consigning a painting, Ackerman’s Fine Art gallery is committed to delivering the highest value and your explicit satisfaction.

My Personal Commitment

As a fine art collector, as well as the founder of the gallery, I take great care in making the process of purchasing, selling, or consigning a painting as simple, straightforward and transparent as possible.  I know what it is like to personally invest in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and have built our gallery to focus on the quality of the paintings we offer, and the attention to detail and service we provide you.  You have my personal guarantee.

– Kenny Ackerman

Our Values

We recognize that the fine art world can sometimes be a challenge to navigate.  That is why we take great pride in serving our clients with courtesy, care, and integrity at every turn.  We believe and operate in these core values:

We operate under a commitment to transparency within a purchase or sale transaction. For consignments, the purchaser is fully aware of the initial asking price, commissions and fees to the gallery, and any additional fees that are part of the transaction. It is our goal to provide absolute confidence in the value and authenticity to all parties involved in a consignment.
Our view of the relationship with buyer and seller is that of an advocate. For the buyer, our goal is to negotiate or recommend the best overall purchase price. For the seller, we strive to deliver the highest value purchase price while ensuring the purchaser receives a strong, fair market price. In the gallery, we serve only one side of the transaction for a sale as to not create a conflict of interest. As a consignee, we diligently work between all parties to deliver the most concise final transaction structure with the utmost transparency.
Because the gallery was founded out of the heart of a collector, we see our role in buying and selling investment quality paintings as an act of stewardship.  Each one-of-a-kind, timeless work is offered with the utmost care and protection to ensure the highest value to you as buyer or seller.
Integrity is the backbone of the level of service we offer, the transparency we make available, and the honesty in which we work. We know that when dealing with one-of-a-kind masterpieces, integrity is paramount in maintaining trust and delivering value beyond the final transaction. We operate with a zero tolerance towards anything less and make that commitment to you through our guarantee and commitment to your satisfaction.
Our guarantee is simple. If you purchase a painting from us and at any time during your ownership, it is determined to be inauthentic, we will refund your money.