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Ackerman's Fine Art specializes in the purchase and sale of important American and European paintings, drawings, and watercolors from the 19th, 20th and 21st century.


Ackerman's Fine Art assists you in buying, selling and investing in fine art, with over 29 years experience in asset valuation. We advise private individuals and corporations according to your unique interests.

Through research and analysis, our advisory services guide you in assessing the value of artwork you wish to sell or acquire. Our goal is to help you manage your collection with the information you need. We provide objective advice, and maintain discretion and confidentiality. Contact us for a personal consultation or call us at (800) 791-6509.

Art Advisory

"We had a wonderful experience doing business with Ackerman's Fine Art . We greatly appreciated your patience and understanding of Fine Art. We would recommend you to all our friends."

Sandra L., Manhattan, N.Y

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  • Buying and Selling Art at the Optimal Price: Watching the Art Market

    Going into a sale blind helps no one. In buying and selling art, it is crucial to keep an eye on what the market is doing. By examining what is happening within the market, a piece has a better chance of selling at an optimal price; conversely, buyers can find the best values. Since the […]


  • Distinct Style of American Art: Marvin Cone

    Regionalist art became a distinct American style sometime during the Great Depression. It was not a unified movement, but there was a unity in ideals. These were rural artists who wanted to represent everyday life away from the cities. This was both a response to modernism and expression of love for the American countryside.  Marvin […]